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Towards a Global Center of Excellence for Cybersecurity R&D

Countermeasures against rapidly increasing cyberattacks have become an urgent national issue, and social demands for NICT in the field of cybersecurity are increasing. To protect Japan from increasingly sophisticated and complex cyberattacks, the Cybersecurity Research Institute aims to become a global center of excellence in cybersecurity research and development by utilizing NICT's neutrality and close collaboration with industry and academia. Based on government policy, NICT carries out cybersecurity training programs, surveys IoT devices with weak password settings, etc, and aims to become a nexus in the cybersecurity area connecting industry, academia and government.

Under the fifth mid-to-long-term plan launched in April 2021, we are committed to promoting research and development on technologies for large-scale collection, accumulation, and cross-cutting analysis of cybersecurity related data, secure data utilization, and security evaluation of cryptographic technologies for the quantum computer era. In addition, we aim to improve Japan's cybersecurity response capabilities by forming a domestic community of analysts who analyze cybersecurity related data and establishing an open platform to develop cybersecurity workforce throughout society.

Director General, Cybersecurity Research Institute
Shiho Moriai

Organization chart

The Cybersecurity Research Institute has six organizations: two laboratories, two centers, Cybersecurity Nexus, and General Planning Office.

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